Apex is committed to delivering the best customized one to one GRE tutoring available on the market today. With instructors achieving a minimum of 330, our business model requires a price point outside the range of some individuals, particularly those in developing economies. The Apex GRE Scholarship is designed to address this need and permit Apex to assist worthy candidates from a range of backgrounds.

This application is designed to provide us with a snapshot of your hopes, goals, and dreams so that we can allocate our teaching resources to those individuals who best represent our ethos.

Awards are both need and merit based and are awarded by an internal committee at the sole discretion of Apex GRE. As GRE preparation and applications are often time sensitive, we strive to make scholarship decisions within 5 business days of submission.

This application is designed to be completed at a single sitting, in under an hour. While we hope that you’ll present your best self, we encourage you to answer the questions as plainly and directly as possible. Revision and style are things best left to your GRE application – we just want to learn about you!

    What is your budget (if any) for GRE preparation?
    Please check the scholarship category that fits you best:

    Full Scholarship (100% discount) ( Designed for candidates with demonstrated need and exceptional promise. This scholarship includes both GRE preparation and admissions counselling.)Partial Scholarship (25% - 50% discount) (Designed for candidates with demonstrated need or exceptional promise, typically professionals from mid-level economies.)Helping Hand (25% - 50% discount) (Designed for candidates with demonstrated need or exceptional promise. Examples include those working for non-profit or NGOs.)

    The Basics:


    GRE & Program Goals

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    Essay #1 - Our mission at Apex is to help people achieve personal success and put them in
    a position to give back to the world and their communities through the pursuit of
    education. What will you do with an Masters Degree on a professional level? On a personal one?
    (~400 words)

    Essay #2 - Describe a time when you had difficulty learning a subject or skill and how you
    overcame it. (~250 words)

    Essay #3 - Apex GRE is passionate about helping the world. As a recipient of the Apex
    scholarship, we ask that you devote 50 hours to a charity of your choosing, either now or
    during your Masters Program. Which charity or type of charity might you work with, and why?(~100


    Please provide your most recent resume or CV.

    Terms & Conditions: Apex GRE makes no representation about the outcomes of GRE preparation. At the successful completion of work with Apex, we do require that scholarship recipients remain available as references for other prospective clients, participate as mentors for future Apex alumni as they grow in their careers, and consent to appearing in promotional materials, including videos and testimonials.