Mike Diamond

Co-Founder & Director of Curriculum Development

Mike Diamond is Apex’s Head of Instruction and Director of Curriculum Development. Mike comes to the GRE from the diverse locales of the campaign trail, Wall Street, and the classroom. At Apex,  he develops instruction that is designed to be customized to the cognitive profiles of each of our clients, while recognizing and addressing the psychological and emotional components of the GMAT as well. Mike has a strong grounding in advanced mathematical modeling specializing in non-linear mathematics, stochastic calculus and statistical analysis.  

Mike has scored in the top percentile for the GRE. With over 20 years’ experience in test preparation, he has mentored hundreds of clients to 320+ GRE scores in each respective section.

Jaymes Kine

Apex GRE Instructor

Jaymes Kine is Apex’s international man of mystery. In his 10 years of teaching, he has taught a variety of subjects in locations all around the globe, from marine science in Alaska, to English and math in Spain, to test prep in Israel. At Apex, Jaymes indulges his passion for helping students reach that “ah ha” moment, and his diverse teaching experience helps him connect to people of all skill levels from all backgrounds. He believes that a personal connection between student and teacher is imperative to successful preparation, and strives to make that connection with each of his students, whether in private lessons or a seminar setting.

Horatiu Stefan

Lead Admissions Consultant

Horatiu Stefan is Apex’s Lead Admissions Consultant. With extensive cross industry, cross functional international business experience, he has held key strategic, operating and advisory roles in Fortune 500 multinationals and Silicon Valley startups. At Apex, Horatiu is a passionate mentor and coach, committed to developing the next generation of leaders. He focuses on advising students with career planning and development, personal branding, interview preparation, resume & cover letter assistance and LinkedIn profile framing.

Horatiu holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Swarthmore College and the London School of Economics.

Iva Todorova

Career Development

Iva comes to Apex with a strong background in the banking industry, focusing on credit risk and investment banking. With previous experience putting together teams from the hiring to project completion phase she has vast experience when it comes to helping clients frame the best possible narrative for the role that they desire. As a career development addition to the Apex GRE Admissions Consulting team she focuses on interview preparation as well as career development, taking a very personal approach to aid each client form a compelling narrative based on their skill set and goals.

Before working with us Iva spent over 5 years working for Morgan Stanley where she established and trained a team responsible for a combined portfolio of $38 Billion, and directly oversaw the production of over 250 credit reviews per annum.

Ivy Tajan

Engagement Manager

Ivy Tajan joins the Apex team as the Engagement Manager and Administrative Assistant. She brings with her more than a decade of customer service experience. She has also held roles in sales and project management.

In her role, Ivy aims to create a smooth customer experience for all Apex clients as well as to facilitate internal activities and processes. She deals with scheduling, payments and client services. She processes all queries from both our clients and instructors, while maintaining a good relationship with our clients from the beginning of the Apex experience until their 320+ score on the GRE has been received.

Natalie Mathews

Director of Marketing

Natalie Mathews joins the Apex team as the Director of Marketing. She has experience working in the USA, Europe and Africa in marketing roles across industries such as tech, pharmaceuticals and property development. She has a passion for delivering the best service to Apex clients and continuously strives to provide our clients with the best experience when engaged with Apex.

In her role she oversees all marketing operations including online, social media and direct marketing, also handling any client queries with regards to our services.